Being an Escort

By Amber of

So here is what you are not hearing about: This job is incredibly dangerous. Think about it, being alone and at some point probably naked with a complete stranger. He could easily kill you - prostitutes are among the leading homicides. Why? Because men who want to harm you know that there are not a lot of people you tell where you are going to work, you can't call the police for help, and I hate to admit it but you are weaker by far as a woman.

Whatever safety nets you have in place mean nothing when you are being choked, stabbed, or worse. What are your options then?

I had a friend who went on a call through the agency. She had a driver with her. It was a two-hour call. As soon as they were alone she was handcuffed to a pole in the room, raped, sodomized, and beaten. This lasted a little over two hours until her driver came to check and see why she wasn't out yet. Imagine if she had no driver. Imagine the two hours she endured.

I later found out a customer who robbed me was wanted in four states for robbing, beating, and raping at gunpoint countless escorts. I might have died that night. I lied and said I had a driver with me.

I have had to run out of a hotel naked because the customer took my clothes and demanded something I would not do. The agency was on the phone with him, but they were 10 states away. Yes, my driver was notified and on his way up, did it matter? Not to this man.

The men will call you filthy names, talk to you like they are trying to mimic the nastiest porno they have ever seen, it is not always nice gentlemen wanting company. And although you block it out and don't accept what they say, the words will echo in your head long after you leave.

There are rough guys. It hurts physically, and you have to clench your teeth and think about something else and get through it. I remember one night after an especially rough date, I was upset, and to be blunt, bleeding. I told the agency I needed to go home.

Their answer? No.

Another thing they don't tell you on TV: condoms break. They slip off. There are the "difficult" guys like Spitzer who want it unsafe.

Think about the position you would be in, I won't be graphic. What would you do if suddenly the protection were removed?

Drugs. I met a lot of men who openly used drugs. I do not. Not only do you have to try to maintain a safe environment with someone who is on drugs, but think of the possibilities here: he drugs you, he overdoses while you are there. The police happen to bust in while you are there- now you face drug charges as well.

Let's not forget the police. You never know what may be a set up. Yes, there are sites with clues to look for, but you never really know if the man you are about to see is law enforcement about to arrest you or just another guy. You have to worry about getting arrested on every call.

On every date, you risk being killed, beaten, arrested, kidnapped, drugged or given a disease. Is the money worth the risk?

I will continue to post stories like these, because this is what really goes on out there.

I can't name one real life pretty woman-or one that retired nicely off of her income- but I could write a never ending list of murdered prostitutes, traded women, the beaten, drugged, raped, or ones who commit suicide because they were poisoned by the lifestyle.

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