by Dave

I was first introduced to porn around the age of 11 via guys on my school bus passing around and selling softcore magazines. It seemed normal and natural at the time to use these magazines for masturbation and fantasy, although I went to an all-boys school so a lack of exposure to girls would have contributed to a significant extent.

Over the years, I found myself gaining an increasingly delusional image of girls purely as sex objects. Combined with shyness, I continued to use porn to fantasise and as an escape. The advent of the internet brought free and instantly accessible porn to the computer in my bedroom. Perhaps this was bad timing in that since the internet was so new, porn filtering software was still in its infancy, although I don't blame my parents for the lack of monitoring my computer usage as I'd have probably found a way around limitations anyway.

Later on in my teenage years as I began to mix with girls, I found myself only being attracted to the very prettiest girls who had bodies resembling the porn stars I had seen on the internet. Perhaps shyness was a big factor, but at the time I didn't feel attracted enough to develop relationships and instead continued to watch porn. Combined with other signficant events causing a long spell of depression, this pattern continued through my time at university.

In my early twenties I decided to make the positive step to completely rid myself of this affliction. I felt withdrawal symptoms for quite a while but thankfully I now no longer have any desire at all to look at porn. In recent years I realised about how much damage porn has done and how much it has warped my perception of women and this has transformed my views about porn from something which I thought at the time was relatively harmless into something which is vile and disgusting.

Unforunately due to the increasing popularity of the internet, I fear that this problem may get worse over time, especially as porn seems to be becoming more and more socially acceptable. A solution may be better education about the dangers of porn usage at school, although perhaps the best advice would be from parents directly, no matter how awkward it might be for them or for the child. .

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