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Genevieve's Story

My work name was Genevieve and I want to tell you that the porn industry is not glamorous at all. Although on the surface it may appear to be fun and enjoyable, it really doesnít compare to what lies beneath the surface.

I started in porn in 2009 when I was only twenty years old.

I loved and craved attention. I always believed that I was porn material because of how much attention I would get and how much love I would feel from it. My mother and father divorced five years ago and because of the emptiness I had felt for so long, I was desperate for love.

I remember browsing through ads on Craigslist when I approached one that attracted me. It was an ad that was for Latina women and it said that they needed pretty, slender, curvy girls to make fast and easy money. I was astonished because I needed the money to pay for school and clothes and I was going to get the attention I always loved and wanted.

I emailed the agents and believe it or not, they replied that same day. I was pretty excited to get to be a part of something that I wanted to do when they called me and told me to meet them that same day.

We went to a hotel and they started taking naked pictures of me so they could send them to two major companies in Florida. The next day, I went to the company and they also took naked pictures of me.

My First Shoot

At the shoot, I was nervous and scared. I never did anything on camera before and I was thinking was how it would feel to actually do something that the whole world was going to see. So to brush off my anxiety, I drank extra fluids and was given some vodka to lower my inhibitions.

I waited desperately to start my video, make the money, and leave. But not only did starting the video take time, making it was also very painful and time consuming. At the time, I thought that porn was fast and easy. But they wanted to take so many pictures. So not only did the pictures take time, but the lighting and sex positions needed to be perfect.

My experience was very bad and I didnít enjoy it at all when they started filming. I was so surprised because when I watched porn, it didn't seem like it would be so hard to have sex on camera.

I didnít do the sexual positions right and to conclude the experience, I had bodily fluids all over my face that had to stay on my face for ten minutes. The abuse and degradation was rough. I sweated and was in deep pain. On top of the horrifying experience, my whole body ached, and I was irritable the whole day. The director didn't really care how I felt; he only wanted to finish the video.

I thought my agents were there for me, but in actuality, they didnít care about me at all.

After I said I wasnít going to do anything anymore, they began to threaten me and make me feel like I was just a money making machine. Every time I made a video they would get 15% of my money.

Itís a terrible business. Women are used solely as sex objects and nothing more. The actresses are treated like dollar bills and there is no compassion and no comfort provided.

All I know is that porn is not what people think.

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