As more companies merge and consolidate, it's hard to know where your money is going these days.  Yet you still want to spend your hard-earned feminist dollars wisely.

Therefore o.a.g. has compiled a list of companies and products to consider girlcotting.  It is not exhaustive, but enough to get you started.  o.a.g. certainly doesn't expect you to be able to avoid them all, but do what you can. Many thanks to everyone at the Ms. Boards who helped with the research.







Because Nestle promotes artificial infant feeding around the world, breaking a World Health Organization code of marketing.

Also because of their British chocolate bar, the "Yorkie," which females are "forbidden" to buy because it's "too intense for girls."

more info here

Coors beers

Because they fund right-wing anti-gay foundations, and because of their sexist advertising ("here's to twins").

more info here

Budweiser Beer

Continually striving to bring you the newest, most innovative sexist advertising.

The New Mexico Literacy Project says: At Budweiser, sexist bad taste has become purposeful policy. In its ongoing attempt to resonate with young males by emphasizing a crude and anti-female machismo, Anheiser-Busch wins our Ugly Advertiser Award. Their ads consistently pit the value of women against the value of beer, and women always lose.

Coke Products and have documented human rights and anti-union violations at Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia

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Claiming to be "sweatshop-free," American Apparel exploits women instead. Ads resemble amateur porn, plus owner Dov Charney proudly masturbated in front of a Jane Magazine reporter eight times while she was researching an article about him. Charney says, "Of course, the women are sexualized in the images, but I don't think anything's wrong with that. It's not just about being socially conscious, it's about being a profitable company."

Read more at:



This one hurts, because o.a.g. really likes to shop at Target.
This info was forwarded by an associate:

“Planned Parenthood Federation of America is protesting a policy by retailer Target that allows pharmacists at 1,150 of its more than 1,300 stores to send customers elsewhere to obtain the emergency contraceptive Plan B, which can prevent pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of sexual intercourse, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports.

The policy allows pharmacists to refuse to dispense EC if it is against their religious beliefs but requires them to fill prescriptions for all other medications. Target spokesperson Lena Michaud said that if a pharmacist refuses to fill a prescription for EC, they are expected to see if another pharmacist in the store is available to fill it. If not, they are required to call a different pharmacy to confirm that it provides EC and has it in stock so that the customer can get her prescription filled. According to Target officials, incidents in which a pharmacist refuses to fill a prescription for EC seldom occur.”

Because they run 65-cent-an-hour sweatshops, and most of their sweatshop workers are women and girls.


Victoria's Secret

“Because their advertising looks like soft-core porn.
VS is owned by the Limited Corporation, which also owns The Limited and Limited Too, Express, Bath & Body Works, The White Barn Candle Company, and C.O. Bigelow.”

Herbal Essences Shampoo

Because of their nauseating "orgasm in the shower" commercials.  Parent company is Clairol, so girlcott them too if you're feeling ambitious.


Unilever wants you to believe they care about women's emotional health (see Dove commercials) but they actually don't (see Axe commercials) Here's a handy compare-contrast video:

You can contact Unilever to complain by calling 877-995-4483 or visiting here:

Abercrombie & Fitch In Abercrombie World, college-age girls are cheerfully slutty (shirts that say: You’re at the Top of My To-Do List and This Shirt Would Look Great on Your Floor); meanwhile, their male counterparts make rotten boyfriends (shirts that say: I’ll Call I Swear and You Can Fake It But I Can Fake An Entire Relationship).

The company got into some trouble in late 2005 for marketing the following tees to younger girls:
Blondes Are Adored, Brunettes Are Ignored
I Make You Look Fat
Who Needs Brains When You Have These?
These were discontinued after successful girlcott by Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania.

You may also recall the thongs for preteens, imprinted with the phrase "Eye Candy."

Lately, they have switched to the non-controversial “appearance comes first” mindset for their younger female target market, with shirts that say Stressed Out From Shopping and I Am What I Wear.

In conclusion, they suck. Girlcott them.

PETA  (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

...where only women are treated like meat.

See Nikki Craft's website and read this document from an exchange of letters last fall between Galen Sherwin, president of the New York chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), and Ingrid Newkirk, president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).
Fur Trim. Unattractive. PETA

Pimp My Laundry Room
Click here to read more about Mitchum products

Firstly, they do not enforce their community use guidelines whatsoever, and consequently there is absolutely no oversight of artwork. You can upload artwork that says I RAPED YOUR MOM and CafePress will happily print it for you on any of 33 different products. If enough people complain, your products might be removed, but someone else can upload the exact same thing a week later.
Past campaigns by the AntiPorn Activist Network have resulted in the removal of shirts that said It's only rape if she says no, so gag the bitch, and infant onesies that say Can't rape the willing!

Secondly, they use American Apparel materials, and you already know how we feel about them.
Thirdly, they allow customers to pirate other artists’ work.
Finally, the quality of their printing sucks also. It’s like an iron-on patch.

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These are some of the largest corporations in the world.  They own everything.  Good luck.

Wal-Mart is pure evil, and has far too many strikes against it to accurately detail here.

You can go to Wake Up Wal-Mart for a comprehensive account of their crimes. Here's just one fact:

According to the class-action suit filed on behalf of millions of women, since 1996, women at Wal-Mart have earned less than men holding the same jobs in nearly every job category. Nearly 750,000 women work as "sales associates" in Wal-Mart stores.  On average these women earn $6.10 per hour, or $12,688 per year if they work full-time. This wage puts many of their families below the poverty level - half would qualify for food stamps.

For more information on how Wal-Mart impacts women, see or read Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich

While you were paying record prices for gas, they were making record profits.
“The oil giant raked in $8.42 billion in the fourth quarter and more than $25 billion for all of 2004, both record-high profits in its history. Exxon Mobil blew away Wall Street forecasts, as higher oil and natural-gas prices offset a slight dip in production.”
“High prices for crude oil, gasoline and natural gas helped Exxon Mobil Corp. to its highest-ever quarterly profit, $9.92 billion, up 75 percent from the third quarter last year, the company said yesterday.”
We advise buying Citgo gas. It may not cost much less, but at least the money will be going to the people of Venezuela, instead of a few obscenely rich white men.

Here are the top 11 donors to the party of George W. Bush.

1. MBNA                                  $3.0million
(world's biggest credit card company - you probably have one of their cards.)

2.  Philip Morris                       $2.9m
(owns Kraft and Nabisco)

3. Microsoft Corp                     $2.4m

4. Bristol Myers Squibb           $2.1m
(Pravachol and Plavis)

5. Pfizer                                      $1.9m
(Visine, Lubriderm, Lipitor, Zoloft, Viagra, Zyrtec, Zantac, Dramamine, Benadryl, Listerine)

6. Citigroup                                 $1.8m
(Citibank, CitiFinancial, Diner's Club)

7. Time Warner/AOL                 $1.6m
(owns most media, see this site for a complete list)

8. Amway                                    $1.3m
(pyramid scheme products)

9. Glaxo SmithKline                    $1.3m
(Zyban, Paxil, Tagamet, Flonase, Dexedrine)

10. Exxon Mobil                          $1.2m
(World's 2nd largest oil company, featuring Exxon, Esso, and Mobil brands)

11. News Corp                            $1.2m
(owns everything; for a complete list see this site)


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