The following are verbatim quotes from Pornified by Pamela Paul. Used with the author’s permission.

Sex just seemed so ordinary; it was no longer thrilling or magical the way it had been before I-porn. I actually had to make a conscious decision to quit. I was worried that I was becoming compulsive and even dependent on it. The fact that porn was altering my sex life scared me. When I don’t have those images in front of me, I just can’t get that aroused. Sex is no longer as physiologically exciting.
Rajiv, porn user

I’ve definitely noticed that naked images that used to arouse me don’t anymore, so I had to move on. I found that I was getting numb to basic images. I needed to keep progressing to more explicit stuff.
Dave, porn user

It’s kind of silly, but my standards changed. Women who were otherwise good-looking but weren’t as overtly sexy as the women in porn don’t appeal to me as much anymore. I found that I look more for women who have the attributes I see in porn. I want bigger breasts, blonder hair, curvier bodies in general. Just better-looking overall.
Harrison, porn user

It’s become more severe as time has gone on...for some reason, with porn, in order for me to get excited, I need to notch it up one level. It’s got to be more extreme. Seeing women demeaned is somehow a turn on.
Tyler, porn user


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