By Laurel

“Meat is like pornography: before it was someone’s fun, it was someone’s life. “

And so begins Carol Adams’ brilliant work, The Pornography of Meat.

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to interview Adams (the Q & A can be read on her website), and she was indeed one of the inspirations for my being as vehemently anti-pornographic as I am. However, even if I didn’t have a chance to talk with her, I believe I would still be against pornography.

It’s almost hard to imagine a world where women and girls aren’t exploitively used in advertising: on the sides of buses, our silhouettes displayed on magazine ordering slips, and sexual innuendos about our bodies and having sex with us used to sell everything from cars to going to war.

Of course, none of this even has to do with porn.

I would say it’s pretty typical of people my age, twenty, going on twenty-one, to like porn, or at least say they like porn, even if they don’t. Unfortunately, porn is “in” now, and respect for women is out. That’s why we see all the vandalizing-to-women media images we do. And because most of us are so used to living surrounded by these, we don’t even notice when these images change over into the land called “porno.”

One way you’ll start notice how “off” these images really are is when you stop reading mainstream magazines. I mean, really stop reading all of them. Your mind will have time to clear up, and refresh itself with thoughts of your own devising, at least to the extent socially possible.

Personally, I’ve found it virtually impossible to get away from all these negative media images. And you really start to notice them once you’ve made a concrete effort, as well as engaged yourself in feminist literature.

I do think being against porn can be hard, at times, especially if one is young. But we all have challenges to face. It’s better than getting hard to women smiling while they pretend to get off, to women in high heels and nothing else.

I have not been more affected by porn then any other woman. I don’t know that many anti-porn activists have. I do know I want to see a world women are valued for all the talents we bring forth.

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