US Army War College Officer Strangles Wife

David Bartlett Jr.

October 1, 2002
US Army War College Officer Strangles Wife
In yet another case of a US Army wife murdered by
their soldier husbands, Lieutenant Colonel David Bartlett Jr., 46,  of
the US Army War College in Annapolis, Maryland has admitted strangling
his wife
Suzanne, 39, over a fight about his use of the Internet to watch
pornography. Soon after the body of
Suzanne was found floating in a local creek, military authorities focused the

investigation on her husband, Lt. Col. David Bartlett.

On Monday Bartlett confessed to her murder.  According
to Bartlett, the couple argued for several days after
his wife discovered he had been viewing pornography on
the Internet. On March 19, he said, he beat her with
an iron pestle and strangled her with a computer cord
after she harassed him by calling him names.
David Bartlett Jr. pleaded guilty Monday to killing his wife.


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