Have you seen the Mitchum Man?
It seems that Mitchum Antiperspirant has sought to "reposition" their deodorant in order to appeal to that highly coveted young/edgy/irreverent demographic segment of men. So they've introduced this fake concept called The Mitchum Man.
Who is he? To find out, we analyzed the ad campaign created to launch him.

Here's what a few of the print ads say:
If you've never left a game early to beat traffic, you're a Mitchum Man.
If you've ever eaten tortilla chip crumbs off your shirt, you're a Mitchum Man.
If you didn't have anything to do with planning your wedding, you're a Mitchum Man.
Alrighty. The Mitchum Man is a harmless, married, sports-loving slob. Fair enough.

But here are some more print ads:
If your only real fear is commitment, you're a Mitchum Man.
If you never forget your protection, you're a Mitchum Man.
If they look real enough to you, you're a Mitchum Man.
If you ever fantasized about a hotel maid, you're a Mitchum Man.
If Ménage a Trois is the only french term you know, you're a Mitchum Man.
If you let your buddy have the hot one, you're a Mitchum man.
If you can see the inner beauty of the girl dancing on the bar, you're a Mitchum man.
Okay, seems like the Mitchum Man might also be a single, porn-loving, womanizer who trolls the bars for his next conquest. Slightly more threatening than a married, sports-loving slob.

To further understand the Mitchum Man, we found this quote by Kathy Delaney of Deustch, the agency that created him:
"The goal was to introduce Mitchum to young men without alienating the older men who already buy it...the men being aimed at, Ms. Delaney said, might think, 'I don't go to topless bars and watch girls there any more, but that's pretty funny and I remember when I did.' "

Topless girls are hilarious, aren't they?

For more insight, you can take a quick visit to the Mitchum Man's perfunctory website (www.mitchumman.com) which features "Tests of Manhood" (can you pack a car? can you avoid taking out the trash?) and the Site of the Day (an example: Beer.com's hottt virtual bartenders massaging each other's butts). It's almost like the Mitchum Man is entirely constructed from Maxim magazine articles.

Finally, the Mitchum Man appears in TV ads. Here's one, summarized by a colleague:
This ad came on a USA channel at around 7pm, a young girl disrobing in front of camera, on comes a voiceover: "If you made her believe this was for your own personal use... you're a Mitchum Man."

WTF? The Mitchum Man is also a manipulative amateur pornographer who sells or trades videos of his dates? Yeah, that's where we draw the line.

To our female visitors: are you alarmed by an advertising campaign encouraging men to treat you as prey, in the name of selling more antiperspirant?

To our male visitors: are you sick of advertising agencies defining your masculinity for you, in the name of selling more antiperspirant?

We advise you to steer clear of the Mitchum Man, as well as his parent companies: Mitchum and Revlon. (Mitchum also produces "Mitchum for Women," but we've never heard of anyone buying that anyway.) Before you commence your girlcott, kindly let them know your reasons.

Here are a few ways to complain about this ad campaign:
Fill out their webform at: http://www.mitchumman.com/contactform.asp
To write a longer email, try: rachel.evans@revlon.com
Call their consumer hotline at: 1-800-473-8566
To write directly to the ad exec who currently runs the campaign, try: david.findel@kaplanthaler.com
To enlighten Kathy Delaney of Deutsch, try: kathy_delaney@deutschinc.com