"That's it you little bitch, suck that cock. Share your pretty fucking mouth. Welcome to Blow Bang you whore. Yes, gag you little bitch, to the balls. Yeah, spit up, you little baby. Yes, the cocks love you. You like all the attention, don't you little girl. Filthy fucking cock slut. You are going to cheer for us, you little bitch. You're going to take six for the team. Choke on it. Yes, aren't you popular. Now we know why you're the popular cheerleader. You're not done yet, little girl. You're not done until you give a gift, until you puke. Now you're speaking our language."
--Dialogue from Blow Bang #4, quoted in Getting Off by Robert Jensen.

  Strippers, escorts and porn stars lead glamorous lives of fame and fortune, and men have nothing but respect for their art and power.

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Backstage Sluts 1, for example, as Zane uses the Insane Clown Posse's tour bus to stage a hard-core sex scene that starts with roadies throwing lunch meat at a naked porn star, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope are so taken with the spectacle of the bologna-covered woman that they jump into the scene and toss off a few slices themselves. Zane rationalizes such boorish behavior with the standard keepin'-it-real disclaimer. "Any real groupie who watches Backstage Sluts 1 would say, 'Wow, those roadies are really being nice to those girls.'"

--Spin Magazine article about pornographer Matt Zane


Tired from her shift at a strip club and in need of a heroin fix, Sharon Mitchell was about to turn the key in her front door on a March night in 1996 when a man sprang from the darkness and grabbed her by the throat.

Pushing her inside, he crushed her larynx, sank his teeth into her cheek, broke her nose and raped her. Choking on her blood, she managed to knock him out with a 10-pound dumbell. It was then that she recognized him as the man who, obsessed with her pornographic movies, had heckled her earlier at the strip club.

"That was the wake-up call from the universe, the moment of clarity," Dr. Mitchell said in an interview. "I didn't want to be standing on the side of a freeway some day, holding a cup."

- -New York Times 5/4/04

I close myself off. Not wanting to let what's in the mirror of my life stare back at me. I never take the time to feel the effects of my choices. Maybe it's because I would be ashamed, maybe afraid. I realize I have avoided my pain for as long as I can remember. It's what I've been taught. Be strong little one, things can only get better. As life goes racing by me, all the while my soul goes on with sickness. Yes, sickness. It feels like it's ailing. Because the one that should be nursing it is too busy trying to succeed and be accepted. I'm certainly scared that if I try to fix what has broken in me, so long ago, I may not succeed. So I go on faking that I am whole, proud, and strong.

--Jenna Jameson, from her book "How to Make Love Like a Porn Star."

(The Chai Hour II Hotel is) like an aquarium: beyond a glass wall are dozens of teenage girls in skimpy white outfits, each with a number. The customer orders a girl by number, and the manager delivers her a moment later to a private room. A Cambodian police report in my hands describes the Chai Hour II as a case "of confinement of human beings for commercial sex" and adds that it is also "a place for trafficking/sale of virgin girls." All told, the report says, 250 girls and women work in the six floor labyrinth of cubicles.

-Op-Ed by Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times

Like when you're going to the store, do you want vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate ice cream? I'll sit down at the computer and say, "Hmm, I feel like Asian girls tonight."
--Christopher, porn user, interviewed in Pornified by Pamela Paul

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