The paper catalogs

Here's a look back at the fabulous early days of one angry girl, before she entered cyberspace and became an international fashion diva.

Recently unearthed from the o.a.g. vault are the legendary paper catalogs, painstakingly cut and pasted by her own little hands.

Study them carefully and you may divine the origin of her secret obsession with Victoria's Secret catalogs.

The premier catalogcreated in a Portland living room
The second catalog
The launch of "Hey Baby" see if you can find the typo
"Generation" launched from a tiny bedroom in Revere, MA
The expanded line of shirts
"Practice guilt-free food consumption" some of o.a.g.'s best cut and paste work!
"Revolution" launched from a tiny bedroom in Revere, MA
Early draft for "Fascist"

Behold the Slogan Graveyard, where the not-quite-right slogans go to their eternal rest.

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Click on a grave below to email your choice to info/at/oneangrygirl/dot/net, and help raise it from the dead.

Remember that even dead slogans are o.a.g.'s intellectual property, so no grave-robbing, please.